Curriculum Overview

The four-dimensional curriculum at Benenden School Guangzhou comprises a Core Curriculum, Featured Curriculum, Enrichment Programmes and Signature Programmes. The Core Curriculum consists of the Chinese National Curriculum, IGCSE, A-level and AP, which are designed to help students build a strong academic foundation, develop excellent bilingual and biliterate competencies, and seamlessly connect to overseas university studies. The Featured Curriculum provides students with smooth international pathways and all-rounded development. The Enrichment Programmes are intended to develop students’ personal interests, unlock their unique potential and allow them to ‘follow their own bent’. The Signature Programmes help students to bridge passion and purpose, plan for and persevere in meeting goals; to develop cultural awareness, engage with community, build cultural confidence and exert positive impacts on society; to develop AI literacy, use digital thinking to discover, think and solve problems, use technology for the benefit of humanity; to engage in experiential learning, link learning to the real world, build meaning in learning and solve challenging and real-life problems so as to be well prepared for the future of work and life.

Our primary and junior secondary curriculum integrates international curriculum elements into the Chinese National Curriculum, enriching the breadth of disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning while building strong academic foundations and bilingual and bilterate competencies.  This helps students smoothly ascend to the international curricula in senior secondary. At the same time, we offer a featured curriculum comprising STEAM, AI, Drama, Topic, Well-being, etc. which help students transfer to international curricula and achieve all-rounded development. The Enrichment Programmes made up of a large variety of subjects and projects unlock students’ potential and develop their various interests. In this way, students follow their own bent and become their unique selves. On top of these, we offer four Signature Programmes, that is, QUEST, Culture Academy, AI for Humanity, and World of Work. Through these programmes, students unleash their agency, recognise and appreciate their cultural heritage and national identity, develop AI competencies, and link learning with the real world, and thus prepare for the future work and life.

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