Pastoral And Boarding

Our 9-pronged 360 Degree Pastoral Care structure and “Songbird” campus promote the health and well-being of all our students. We encourage active and joint oversight by school leadership, counselors, teachers, and medical staff. Housemistresses/masters, house tutors and matrons will be on hand to ensure boarders’ well-being in our blended living and learning environment which promotes bilingual skills and experiences. 

Up to Grade 6, Homeroom Teachers will be the primary source of contact for students' pastoral wellbeing, overseeing their academic and social development. From Grades 7 – 9, each student will be assigned under the QUEST programme to an additional Counselor overseeing the student's academic and pastoral needs. From Grades 10-12, each student will be assigned a Senior Counselor under the QUEST programme to oversee their university application preparation journey, as well as an industry mentor to provide them with real-world inspirations. 

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