University Guidance

How we help?

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Ongoing Guidance

To help students fulfill their academic ambitions throughout their entire learning journey. 

Academic Planning

To monitor academic progress, help explore interests and offer advice on course selection to better prepare for university. 

Extracurricular Activities Guidance

To help students explore interests through activities that also strengthen their application profiles.  

Test Preparation

To support students in getting top results on university entrance exams.

Application Strategy

To help students make strategic application decisions that maximise their chances of success. 

University Selection

To determine which universities are the best fit for students and their goals, keeping in mind the likelihood of acceptance. 

Personal Statement Guidance

To guide students in writing personal statements that best express their academic potential.  

Recommendation Guidance

To help students strategically approach teachers and other mentors for recommendation letters.

Interview Preparation

To ensure students confidently express their academic potential in admissions interviews. 

Communication with Schools

To assist students in effectively communicating their interest in schools.