Our Education Model

What are the key highlights?

Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain. Beyond reshaping the world now, the 4th Industrial Revolution will completely transform our world in 5, 10, and 20 years' time. How can we prepare our students for the unknown, for jobs that do not yet exist, for challenges that are, as yet, unprecedented? Simply put, education needs to stay relevant; we are committed to transforming our teaching and learning practices to ensure our students are all future-ready. 


Core Curriculum

The four-dimensional curriculum at Benenden School Guangzhou comprises a Core Curriculum, Featured Curriculum, Enrichment Programmes and Signature Programmes. The Core Curriculum consists of the Chinese National Curriculum, IGCSE, A-level and AP, which are designed to help students build a strong academic foundation, develop excellent bilingual and biliterate competencies, and seamlessly connect to overseas university studies. 


Co-Curricular Activities

With many co-curricular activities to choose from, our students will have ample opportunities to explore their interests, develop their passion and pursue possibilities beyond their imagination. With world-class facilities at their fingertips, students will maximise every learning opportunity at Benenden School Guangzhou. 


Signature Programmes

The Signature Programmes help students to bridge passion and purpose, plan for and persevere in meeting goals; to develop cultural awareness, engage with community, build cultural confidence and exert positive impacts on society; to develop AI literacy, use digital thinking to discover, think and solve problems, use technology for the benefit of humanity; to engage in experiential learning, link learning to the real world, build meaning in learning and solve challenging and real-life problems so as to be well prepared for the future of work and life.


QUEST empowers students to fulfill their dreams at university and in life. This personalised programme guides students to identify long-term directions and short-term priorities, explore their passions and pursue milestone targets on their journey to self-discovery at Benenden School Guangzhou.


Culture Academy

The Culture Academy immerses students in a deep appreciation for Chinese culture and identity, while raising awareness of the global community. The programme features a theme-based programme, cultural exchanges and outreach opportunities.


AI For Humanity

Exposure to technology's implication, such as the ethical use of robotics and the application of AI will be inevitable for students across all disciplines in this era. Digital mindset is an awareness of technological advancement and having the entrepreneurial and problem solving thinking ability to identify and address world challenges that impact our everyday life. 


World of Work (“WOW”)

This leverages our network of corporate partners to offer uniquely structured experiential learning and pathway programmes, with the dual purpose of inspiring students with an insider's guide to workplaces today and guiding them to make important decisions ahead of university applications.