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Student Journey

Beyond a solid bilingual academic foundation and an integrated awareness of what the future holds, students at Benenden School Guangzhou develop life skills, cognitive abilities, and strong personal attributes.  

As with Benenden School in the UK, Benenden School Guangzhou's Complete Education targets, through its Signature Programmes each student's own journey of achieving academic and personal development, a firm understanding of the world in which we live, as well as a future ready mindset and skill sets. 

Our comprehensive pastoral care ensures students develop a healthy mental and physical well-being. In addition to a wide array of sports, performing arts and experiential learning, our co-curricular events include community outreach and leadership training opportunities.

Self Actualisation: QUEST

1Self Actualisation: QUEST

QUEST is our four-pronged counselling approach, providing academic, extracurricular, university and career guidance. QUEST was launched to help students find a purpose for their learning. QUEST helps students tap into their passions, paving their learning and career paths based on their abilities and preferences. 

Built on our proven track record with university and career counselling, QUEST stands for “Question, Understand, Experiential, Service and Technology”. Students are encouraged to self-reflect and raise questions about their futures, both immediate and long-term our expert internal and external guidance counselling team will consistently review students’ development to ensure they experience a world of opportunities, academic, extracurricular, or real world, while immersing themselves in community service. By leveraging technology and data analysis, we are able to quantitively analyse and objectively advise students on the most appropriate paths to explore and take.  

Community Engagement: Culture Academy

2Community Engagement: Culture Academy

China will continue to play a significant, leading role on the world stage for centuries to come. Balancing full appreciation for bilingual literacy, international etiquette and a global mindset, we celebrate cultural immersion in Chinese values and traditions. 


Benenden School Guangzhou students will study and experience all things Chinese while developing respect for other cultures. Through the Culture Academy, students will be able to develop their understanding and appreciation for China’s unique history and role in the world. They will begin to interpret what it means to be Chinese and a global citizen. Importantly, the Academy provides a link between the past and the present, and help students understand and appreciate the contributions of their parents, grandparents, and elders in general.  

Digital Mindset: AI for Humanity

3Digital Mindset: AI for Humanity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool.  At Benenden School Guangzhou, students not only learn to use AI, but to also create custom AI technologies that positively impact society through addressing human, environmental and humanitarian challenges.  Besides awarding prizes for outstanding innovations during AI for Humanity Evenings each term, we also incubate them in our Cornerstone Projects and Start-up Accelerator.   

Real World Connection: World of Work ("WOW")

4Real World Connection: World of Work ("WOW")

Our children will be navigating a future that is beyond our imagination. Through our vast industry network within our Group’s ecosystem, we are at the forefront of a World of Work (“WOW”) in flux. Through our bespoke WOW programmes, we provide our students with unique first-hand real-world experiences. Students will get an insider’s look at what it is like to work in different industries and gain a better understanding and appreciation for what they learn at school and how it relates to careers they wish to pursue. WOW provides students with every opportunity to develop their future-ready competencies. 

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