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Benenden Bilingual School Guangzhou

About Benenden Bilingual School Guangzhou

Benenden Bilingual School Guangzhou (BBSG) is located in Panyu, the transportation hub of the Greater Bay Area. 

As one of the foremost globally minded bilingual schools in China, BBSG balances a strong foundation of Chinese heritage and national cultural identity with a worldly outlook. It supports academic rigour whilst at the same time understanding and promoting the importance of sports, arts and STEAM education. Our Signature Programmes will integrate with and fully leverage the resources presented in the Panyu District, a fast-growing technological metropolis and educational hub within the Greater Bay Area.

Its inaugural academic year commenced in 2023 with students enrolled in Primary and Junior Secondary.


What are the key highlights?

Benenden Bilingual School Guangzhou will deliver an education fit for the times, offering an exceptional opportunity for students to attend a high-quality boarding school and study a dynamic bilingual curriculum within a state-of-the-art facility. 

Our unique Signature Programmes will guide each student through their own tailored journey where they will self actualise into a unique individual, engage with the community both national and global, embrace a digital mindset, and be connected with the real world - fully preparing each and every child to be future ready.


Life at
Benenden School Guangzhou

Early Years


Launch in 2024!



Grade 1 - 6

The BBSG primary curriculum is aligned and fulfils the requirements of the Chinese National Curriculum, helping students to build strong academic foundations, bilingual and bi-literate competencies. At the same time, we offer a featured curriculum, the Enrichment Programmes and Signature Programmes to help students achieve all-rounded development.


Junior Secondary


The curriculum integrates international curriculum elements into the Chinese National Curriculum, enriching the breadth of disciplinary and the interdisciplinary learning while building strong academic foundations and bilingual and biliterate competencies. This helps students smoothly ascend to the international curricular in senior secondary.


Senior Secondary


Launch in 2024!


Why Benenden School Guangzhou?


For 100 years, Benenden has been one of the UK’s leading boarding schools.


Our unique “Future Ready Complete” curriculum takes everyday learning beyond the textbooks.


Our 360 Degree Pastoral Care Structure promotes holistic student well-being.

Purpose-built Environment

 Our world-class facilities inspire creativity, independence, and a love of learning.

Signature Programmes

The Signature Programmes help students to bridge passion and purpose, plan for and persevere in meeting goals; to develop cultural awareness, engage with community, build cultural confidence and exert positive impacts on society; to develop AI literacy, use digital thinking to discover, think and solve problems, use technology for the benefit of humanity; to engage in experiential learning, link learning to the real world, build meaning in learning and solve challenging and real-life problems so as to be well prepared for the future of work and life.


QUEST empowers students to fulfill their dreams at university and in life. This personalised programme guides students to identify long-term directions and short-term priorities, explore their passions and pursue milestone targets on their journey to self-discovery at Benenden School Guangzhou.


Culture Academy

The Culture Academy immerses students in a deep appreciation for Chinese culture and identity, while raising awareness of the global community. The programme features a theme-based programme, cultural exchanges and outreach opportunities.


AI For Humanity

Exposure to technology's implication, such as the ethical use of robotics and the application of AI will be inevitable for students across all disciplines in this era. Digital mindset is an awareness of technological advancement and having the entrepreneurial and problem solving thinking ability to identify and address world challenges that impact our everyday life. 


World of Work (“WOW”)

This leverages our network of corporate partners to offer uniquely structured experiential learning and pathway programmes, with the dual purpose of inspiring students with an insider's guide to workplaces today and guiding them to make important decisions ahead of university applications.